Dayna and Mike’s Family Session & Beyond

So, funny story.

When I first moved here in 2019 I was trying to get my name out there more and do some sessions that I felt passionate about. I photographed families but I also did some special events, which I had been planning since before I event got off the plane! One of them was a rainbow babies event, where I wanted one of each color of the rainbow and the parents and baby in the same color (I know, matching colors is a no-no but I wasn’t as fashionable then, alright). So I think I ended up being short 2 colors, which was fine, I was still going to do it anyway. And I was so excited!

So, day of the rainbow session comes, I message everyone to let them know it’s still on, where exactly to meet and all that. No response but Dayna. I get there, pin drop my exact location to everyone. No responses except Dayna. I meet Dayna at the top of the hill with her then baby, little R. We wait and chat for 15 minutes – still no one else there. Yup, every single person who said they would be a part of this free event ghosted me… except Dayna! So, I told her “it’s just you, guess you get me all to yourself and we’ll take some photos of you and R! And I’ll add in your own little rainbow!” So we shoot, we talk some more and then I go home. 

Little did I know that the only person who showed up would be the best person. 

Dayna chose to hired me for all the events that she wanted to remember. Dayna and her family have chosen me over and over again and I could not be more lucky. We also kept in touch on Facebook and Instagram in between session planning. I watched her son get baptized, photographed birthdays, Christmas and now… her new baby girl! What an honor it was. And how amazing to watch a family grow through the years and create lasting relationships. She is a bad ass mother who literally had to fight to get back on her feet after her daughter was born from a mysterious illness, her husband is an amazing father and I’ve even met her super cool parents, who live not far from where I did in Arizona! Dayna chose me, and I cannot express my appreciation for her and her family any more than I already do!

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I always say this to everyone else, but writing up this story makes me really remember that “everything happens for a reason” is so true. 

Dayna, thank you for always choosing me and trusting me. It’s always a pleasure.