Is An In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Session Right For You?

Let’s put you in the know of what an in-home newborn lifestyle session is ALL about…

While you’re busy growing a baby, time is passing by so fast. For me, even my memory couldn’t keep up (mom brain, it’s definitely real!). During that time, you may start your search for a photographer somewhere here in Cleveland to capture those exciting moments and while doing your due diligence, you may come across what’s called an In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Session. For this type of session, your photographer will come to your home and capture authentic, natural life with you and your family – even your busy toddlers too! It’s hard to invite someone you don’t know into your home, I know. I get it!

What are you doing right now?

Relaxing, swooning over images on google or the photographers page you’re considering hiring and they look so nice. No hospital, no wires, not so much posing. They look natural, comfortable and organic in their own home with their super cute, happy family. You can see they’re relaxed, they don’t need to worry if the baby is going to be sleepy enough to be bundled up and posed or if they’re going to cry the whole time in their car seat on the way to the studio. You see the advantage of this type of session and just how beautiful and raw these images can be.

mom and dad standing together as mom holds baby and smiles at the camera

Of course, you still have questions!

How would it be having someone come to your house?

What if you don’t have enough light?

Is this session right for my family?

Well, let me tell ya… Basically, in-home newborn sessions are amazing!

Why is it so amazing?

Besides being in the comfort of your own home, they’re baby-led and beautiful! I’ll come over to your house, look at your new little baby with you, just as galvanic as you (I love love *love* babies – they are the most amazing thing ever) and by the end of the session I will have captured some of the most adorable, authentic pictures of one of your greatest accomplishments in life – a perfect baby! I’ll capture those little baby details; the little things that change every day and are never the same, I will capture big brother and/or sisterly love – all in a place where everyone can be comfortable and unposed.

Sounds kind of relaxing and pretty darn awesome, right!?

an in-home newborn lifestyle session in strongsville ohio of mom sitting on yellow and white striped couch next to her dog while holding her newborn baby and smiling down at him

Is an in-home newborn lifestyle session for everyone?

No, and that’s okay.

In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Sessions are for families who want pictures of their connection, their imperfect, unposed and natural everyday life. Images that capture exactly what life is like in your happy home, in the moment. It’s more for families who are romantic and sentimental, who want to keep it simple and natural, those who see the beauty of their natural lives, who adore memories in their own home – whether their home be their forever home or for-right-now home, finished or mid-remodel.

Think or know this session is for you?

You are my people!

baby hand holding on to moms finger

As Cleveland’s Family Photographer, I would be honored to capture your family in their natural lives with your perfect newborn.

If you’re still on the fence, here are some more answers to some FAQs:

What if the baby gets hungry?

No problem, feed that baby! I don’t need the baby to be asleep, or previously fed. Whatever the baby is doing when I arrive is totally cool and we’ll start our session from there!

Mid-feed when I arrive?

Totally cool, don’t even move, keep on keepin’ – I’ve got this covered! Baby asleep in their crib? That’s okay too – I can sneak in there quietly with you – tiptoeing and all – and start from there! I also message you as I park instead of ringing the doorbell.

Can my other child or children participate?

AB-SOOOOO-LUTELY! And I so encourage it! Yes. Your other children are part of your family and your organic household’s everyday life. They are part of the milestones that shape you as parents. What I deliver to you is a visual history of your growing love, a record of your family learning new things and new love together. The story of your life is collectively shared by your entire family as a whole! I spend some time photographing your older children also, this is their story too!

Can you have a full family picture?

Um, YES! Basically required. This will probably also be the first time you’re able to look nice with your entire family for a picture! We definitely need to get a full family picture with you ALL! And trust me – it’s easier getting everyone in pictures in your own home where everyone is already comfortable!

What if my toddler is in a mood?

Don’t worry – I’ve got this! I have lots of questions, games and sometimes even things to show inquisitive little minds. Again, this is an unposed, natural family life. Let the toddler lead the way! Go with the (toddler) flow! So please don’t stress about your toddler’s behavior, they are totally fine, and I get it as a mother to my own toddler. I will still get you some great family pictures!

What do I need to do to prepare my home?

Nothing fancy, just tidy up like you normally would for something like a play date. You don’t need to stress about it, hire cleaners or make it spotless and sparkling. I am photographing your family, not your home. Just make sure there is no unnecessary clutter and do a quick vacuum then call it done. We won’t be using your entire house either, just the room or two with the most light. So, focus on those one or two rooms then call it good. I will let you know which rooms even!

I also recommend if we use the nursery that you change the sheets to a neutral color like white, so you and your family stand out better. Or any plain color without graphics, saying, flowers, etc. on it will do. I know white is not the chosen color for anything when you have children – whichever solid color goes best with the room will work!

baby laying on blue fuzzy blankets looking at camera during an in-home newborn lifestyle session

Three last, little things about an in-home newborn lifestyle session:

I suggest keeping the house warm, so baby is happy, I usually say when the parents think the house is a little too warm, that’s the *perfect* temp!

If you have older children make sure you have some snacks for them! Make sure they are quick snacks that won’t make much of a mess on them (crackers, cheese sticks, protein bar and goldfish are just some ideas for you)!

And please please don’t worry if you don’t think your home is pretty. I’m not coming to photograph your home; I’m coming to photograph your precious family and the beginning of new memories being created with your new bundle of joy. Images that you will love and treasure forever. My focus is on your family connection and emotions, not your sofa or if your end tables match.

This is the home they were brought to, their first home, where they started their lives with you and that is undoubtedly perfect.

dad sitting on the couch next to a bookshelf with his son on his lap while reading a book to his son and dog during an in-home newborn lifestyle session

You don’t need to stress about…

a hungry newborn or toddler

what to do with your hands (you’ll be hanging with the baby and your family mostly anyway)

about the lighting in your house

what to wear

if you don’t think your home looks nice.

I just need one window of light or so, I am here to guide you with what to do through your entire session (that’s why you hired me!), which shoulder is best for burping or the best corner of the couch to feed in so I can continue creating everlasting images for you and your family.

I do recommend feeding the baby close to my arrival, so your bundle of joy is, well, joyous! But it’s not going to throw off our session if he or she becomes hungry when I get there or soon after – just go ahead and feed that baby! I also recommend that if you can and the baby is not sleeping, you change the baby into the clothes you want them in for our session about 30 minutes prior to the session. Other than that, you can be chillin out maxin’ and relaxin’ all cool… while I travel to your house (most likely with coffee for us)! If you have any questions that I missed or would like to check my availability, please do not hesitate to send me an email at Can’t wait to meet you and your awesome family and thank you for reading!


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