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Prenatal yoga classes are special. It’s not a typical yoga class with modifications. In prenatal yoga, asanas (postures) and/or pranayama (breathing techniques) are intentionally chosen to support the evident physical changes + the more subtle internal changes of an expectant mama.  

pregnant mother sitting on a mustard couch smiling at the camera and holding her belly

Asana is important…

but attending prenatal yoga classes is more than that. It’s an opportunity for you to …

  • Calm your mind.  There can be a lot of fears and anxiety surrounding pregnancy and labor.
  • Create a mindful connection to the breath. This is helpful during labor, allowing mom to keep the nervous system more relaxed.
  • Relax – a practice you’ll need in labor and right through motherhood.
  • Meditate. When we quiet the mind either through visualization, focused breathing or movement, you gift yourself the opportunity to be more present within your changing body.
  • Tune in to the growing miracle of life inside of you.
  • Open your heart – for yourself, for your baby.
  • Connect with other mamas who are traveling through a similar journey as you.

You’ll receive benefits to your mind, body + soul.

mother and father with daughter in between them smiling and looking at camera while mother holds her pregnant belly

Benefits of Meditation

  • Reduce stress. Stress = bad for mama, which is bad for baby. Extra high stress can cause problems for both – high blood pressure, etc.
  •  Increased body awareness – Connecting breath to body. You are bound to notice how your body feels, energy levels + deepen your connection to your baby.
  • Better sleep.  It isn’t always easy to get a good night’s sleep during pregnancy (up to pee, heartburn, comfort level.
  • Stronger immune system.  Is it likely that you won’t get a small cold? Likely not, germs are around. But if there’s a chance that 10 minutes a day can boost your immune system, it’s worth it!
mom and dad laying down with daughter and kissing her on the cheek as she looks at the camera and smiles
  • Reduced pain during labor.  A study published by the JNS states that those participating in a mindfulness training “significantly reduced pain unpleasantness by 57% and pain intensity ratings by 40% when compared to rest.” WOW!
  • Reduce risk of postpartum depression. Being a new mom is hard – exhausting, overwhelming, still lovely. Did you know that 1 in 7 women are affected?  A study done shows that mindfulness training could considerably reduce depression symptoms in women with newborn babies.
  • Can calm pregnancy anxieties. There are many, many things about your pregnancy you can’t control. Meditation gives you those several moments to set your worries/anxieties aside and focus on the moment in front of you. 
pregnant mom and dad smiling at each other

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga:

  • Strengthen, endurance + flexibility. (All important during labor!)
  • Decrease/alleviate common aches + pains.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Reduce stress
  • Promote circulation in body.
  • Decreased risk of gestational diabetes, edema, c-section.
  • Exercise (yoga included) can help lower risk of PPD.
  • Breathing prep for labor.
  • Better body awareness + connection to baby.
  • Improves self confidence + can be empowering.
  • Connection/community to other moms.
  • Increased mental focus (Hell-OH labor! Your mindset plays a big role in your labor experience.)
  • Harmonizes the body – less mood swings, better pain management/coping techniques.

If you’re ready for Prenatal Yoga in Cleveland, Ohio, visit Peace Love Lisa.

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