A Letter to My Husband

Here is a letter to my husband that I wrote during a hard time being a mother (we all have those days, right?) but it’s filled with love and understanding.

I know I’m not the same woman you married or even close to the woman you met back in 2013. 9 years have flown by and so much has changed. All good things, I may add. We’ve been so many places, seen so many things, met so many people, gotten through so many storms and yet there is so much more in this life we’ve yet to experience together, especially now that we have children.

family of four on the beach with daughter running to mother and dad holding up son

I’m sorry you get to see an angry side that I never had before…

I can’t handle stress or anger as well as I used to. I am no longer the extremely calm person I once was. I’m not always happy and I don’t always look at the positive side for everything. Sometimes I feel like I barely know who I am. But every day that goes by I get a little piece of myself back. It’s hard to understand when you stay the same and don’t feel the way I feel. You never will fully understand, and that’s okay.

mom holding daughters hand and whispering in her ear on the beach

Who I was left this earth as soon as our daughter came into it…

Our perfect, beautiful and super smart girl. She’s worth every change, every stretch mark, every pound gained, every clogged duct and every hard lesson as new parents that we’ve learned this far together. I understand it’s hard having your loved one change in an instant and act in ways they never have before. I hope you understand I don’t do it on purpose. It just happens. You are my rock. When I am stressed or our children give me a rough day, you are all I have. You are my person; my happy place; my peace.

It’s hard balancing mom life and wife life…

I’ve never been two things at the same time that are both so important and call for so much attention & hard work. These jobs are in addition to being me; trying to maintain who I am. Both of my jobs are continuous jobs that never end, day or night. They are the two best jobs in the world though, and they are my favorite, even when my actions or words may differ.

Mom hugging son on the beach

Being a parent is hard, but there is no one in this entire world that I’d rather do it alongside…

So, thank you for always making me feel safe, loved and important, even when you may not recognize who I am in some moments. Thanks for loving every side of me prior, during and after children. Thank you for all your support and help. Thank you for always doing what you can. Thank you for being the best, kindest, most patient and extremely understanding husband you are. I love you.

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