Happy 1st, Birthday Boy!

What in the world! Where did that time go!? Happy 1st, Birthday Boy! My big little man, swiftly coming into the world at exactly 9lbs and 21.75 inches! I remember asking your father if he wanted to hold you for the first time and he said no, let him bond. I didn’t know how long I had you in my arms then. But I do now. One whole year. The things you have learned! From breastfeeding, playing, cooing, laughing, touching, crawling, throwing, eating real food, walking and more. And I adore how your sister has always been your favorite to interact with! She’s been your best friend since before you were earth side. You would move around when your sister would talk to you. I am so thankful for the brother and sister bond that forms each day you two are together.

I remember bringing you home. I remember waiting for what felt like forever for you to give me a smile! I kept telling my husband “I can’t wait until Christmas. Not because of the holiday, but because our son will be sitting. He will need me a little less.” And although I was mostly right, it still went by quicker than I imaged. And now, twice that amount of time has gone by. 12 months you’ve been here. And no matter what, we have all loved every single day.

little girl sitting on a grey couch embracing her 3 month old little brother

With each reach, each crawl, each step, you become older and smarter. Every day your personality blooms with cheer and curiosity. Your eyes are bright and your laugh contagious. You are my last baby which each moment extra special. It’s amazing to watch you grow. Such precious smiles with joy and little dimples in your chunky cheeks.

If you have multiple kids, you’ll understand this. You feel bad for your second child because things are different with them and for them compared to your first. With your first it was just you and them. With your second, they don’t get the same things. They don’t get alone time. They don’t get silence. They don’t get long, quiet naps like your first. They don’t get brand new toys. They will learn things from the older one you don’t want them to learn yet. They will fall more often because kids are rough. They won’t get all your attention every day, all day. And you’ll feel bad that your older child doesn’t get all the attention all day every day like they used to also.

But it’s not all bad. They have a friend for a lifetime. They have someone to play with instead of clinging to you every second. They learn to share. They have someone else to help them stand back up again besides you. They have someone to entertain them and make them laugh. Someone to hold their hand while they’re sitting in their car seat.

little boy on a pillow next to a littler girl laying on her belly both checking out a pink toy flashlight

One night I was trying to put my son to bed, which I did in my daughter’s room because I put them both to bed. He didn’t want to go to bed so we went downstairs to watch a movie with his sister and dad for a little. When we came back up, he still wouldn’t go to bed until he saw his sister come into her bed. 2 minutes later he was out. That’s the types of moments that are worth the shorter naps and loud siblings. I know there will be days when they’re older where they can’t stand each other, but for now I soak up the love they have for each other and enjoy every second I get to watch their love grow.

 So, Happy 1st, Birthday Boy! We love you SO much!