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Moving from Arizona to Ohio as a family including one toddler, we looked forward to being able to spend an abundance of time outdoors. We have found multiple Northeast Ohio Parks through searching. Some of them were found from google maps or friends we’ve met during our awesome journey here so far. Now I have chosen to share our knowledge with you! Below are some of the playgrounds we enjoy the most! Most, if not all, have something for smaller kids to do. My daughter is now 4 and we have a son who is almost 1. Both kids thoroughly enjoy the playgrounds. It’s where we’re at most of our days! I hope you can check out and enjoy these playgrounds as much as we do!



Mucklo Park (Coe Lake in Berea)

Also known to many as Coe Lake Park, this Northeast Ohio Parks is nestled in the town of Berea. This park is named after John Mucklo, who was a Berea High School Teacher, Coach, City Councilman. He was also Berea’s first Recreation Director. It’s located across from the Berea Police Station and adjacent to the Berea Pool & Coe Lake. This playground has two set ups, plus a zip line for kids. Mucklo being the larger one for bigger kids and there is a smaller pirate ship themed playground also. This park will keep your kids busy for HOURS. When they get bored of both parks, the swings or being a daredevil on the zip line, take them for a nice stroll down to Coe Lake. There you’ll be able to let them roam and use their imagination. From throwing pebbles into the water, hopping on rocks, and exploring the natural area. You can also watch ducks, geese and bugs or taking a small hike over the bridge. It’ll keep them active and entertained! When they get hungry, you can sit in the shade under the gazebo and have some lunch (as long as an event isn’t happening). a park made of wood in the shape of a castle and northeast ohio park in strongsville

Strongsville Castle Park

Also known as “Wooden Castle Park” in many households, it’s a unique adventure waiting to happen! It’s literally an all-wooden castle, hence the name. You might think “oh no! Wasps, bees & splinters!” But this park is up-kept well. I’ve seen loose wood and the next visit it’s fixed. This Northeast Ohio Park is almost completely fenced in, aside from the exit and the bench area next to the swings. Although you can’t see the kids through the wood sometimes, the fact that it’s almost completely fenced in lets you know that your kid is still somewhere in there! If you have littles in tow, you can see both exits for the park while pushing them on the swings. During the summer, it welcomes you with an array of beautiful flowers at the entrance! I knew this park was old because my husband told me he remembered playing there when he was younger, but I had to look up when it was actually built: 1991! The community came together & volunteered their time to put it all together! It is in excellent shape and still has a long, full life of imagination! It’s absolutely worth a visit. little girl jumping at the park at mapleside farm in brunswick ohio

Maple Side Farms (Brunswick)

Flaunting what’s called “Jump Park,” you’re bound to be impressed. Added bonus: ice cream! This playground is located at the beautiful Maple Side Farms in Brunswick and is open mid-spring until the end of fall. Personally, even the little kid inside of me really enjoys this park (no, not just for the ice cream). They exclusively offer twin jumping pillows and yes, they’re as fun as they sound! But the pillows aren’t it for this go-to stop. It’s also a “regular” playground with lots of cool things! The park has a little schoolhouse, makeshift slides out of huge tubes, tons of spots to climb, swings & a large rope-made spider web! It is absolutely a must-see!

Note: This Northeast Ohio Park costs about $5 per child (please check their website for updated pricing)little girl smiling at the camera at a northeast ohio park

Bradley Nature Park (Westlake)

Located in Westlake, following its twisted road encompassed by Ohio greenery, you’ll find this playground nicely tucked away in the woods. Included is a pavilion and benches for lunch. Strolling past the playground, you’ll find a nice path through the woods which circles back to the playground. This path passes a small lake which you can see frogs, geese and ducks enjoying their day. This park also has an abundance of (harmless) squirrels. No matter the weather, I have seen a squirrel every single visit! After playing or swinging, you can challenge your kids to get to the top of the hill behind the playground! This hill is also used for sledding during winter.little girl on a zipline at a northeast ohio park in independence

Liberty Playground (Independence)

This is probably my daughter’s favorite playground… this particular playground is massive, and kids of all ages can enjoy it. This playground touts a little kids & big kids’ area. It comes with slides, swings, bathrooms that are NOT port-a-potties, a covered area to sit, a sandbox and also not one but two zip lines. It’s worth the trip. It also neighbors an adorable Safety Town that your children are free to explore (so bring their bike if you’d like!). Nearby is the police station, tennis courts and more.little girl walking to the entrance of play in bay in westlake ohio

Play-In-Bay (Bay Village)

This is a recent find for us, but also another amazing playground. Located in Bay Village, this shaded, fun-loaded Northeast Ohio Park is one for the books! Swings, bridges, monkey bars, a shaded area to sit for parents & so much more! Plus, this playground is FULLY enclosed and has a lock on the entrance gate, so you’ll feel your kids are safer. It has everything a kid could ask for plus the safety every parent wants at a playground! Most areas are also wide enough for parents to walk with their kids, if need be, with ample ways to get back down to the ground. This location is always swarming with friendly new faces for children of all ages. You can also see most of the playground while pushing a little one on either set of swings. There is a large sandbox which is worth a mention since there are always sand toys to play with there!little girl pointing to Cleveland skyline across the water on a summer day at Lakewood park

Lakewood Park Playground (Lakewood, OH)

I decided to also add Lakewood playground. This is another huge one – seriously, make sure you’re well rested for it! It has one tall, extra-large playground in the middle. It also has swings and such around it for the litter kids. This location also has regular bathrooms. Lakewood Park has an abundance of green grassy areas, which provides a great location for a picnic as a family. If you’re not a fan of sitting in the grass, there’s always a bench around! If you walk towards the water to the path, it has a few wooden, swinging loveseats. This stunning playground spot also has an amazing little lookout, which is pictured above. If it’s clear enough, you can see Cleveland in the distance. What a wonderful sight! If you turn around and continue on the pathway, you’ll find yourself at a beautiful lookout called “solstice steps,” which looks out onto the water & you can get an amazing view of the sun setting. At the end of the day, I’m sure it’s an awesome sight to see if you and your kids aren’t fully worn out by then.

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