Best Ice Cream in Ohio

Ice cream in Ohio is basically on every other corner. Coming from Arizona, we find it strange (but we love it) because most are open year-round, even in winter! But luckily for us, especially our ice cream loving daughter, there are so many places to check out! We’ve been visiting lots of different ice cream shops in the last few years that we’ve lived here. Below is a list of some of our favorites that we feel are worthy for Best Ice Cream in Ohio! I hope you enjoy these delicious ice cream spots just as much as we do!

Mitchell’s homemade ice cream strongsville

Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream (Strongsville, Ohio)

Mitchell’s is right by the center of town near the police station and the Strongsville water tower. Prime location near lots of options for dinner or a stop at the playground. They started at a theater in 1999 and were a full-blown ice cream phenomenon by 2014!

With an inclusion of multiple seasonal and year-round flavors, they are bound to have something for everyone! Each batch is homemade in their kitchen located in Ohio City. You can visit this kitchen and see how it’s all done, too! They also support local farmers as much as they can, gathering local ingredients like eggs, milk, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, apple cider, lavender and more from local farms. Impressively, any other ingredient they may use they have listed on their website, and it tells you where they get it from. You can learn more about them, their flavors and other locations on their website.

Honey Hut Ice Cream (Brunswick, OH)

What’s our favorite thing about the Honey Hut in Brunswick (besides the amazing flavors of ice cream, obvi.)? They have a drive through! They have 13 regular flavors PLUS a few special flavors per month, which rotate every 2 weeks. Also touting as homemade, they’ve been on the ice cream train since 1974! Their first location was Old Brooklyn and were a mom-and-pop shop selling honey-sweetened ice cream. Now it’s taken up 5 locations and are still a family run business. Honey Hut (whichever location is closest to you) is definitely worth a taste! Check their website for locations and current flavors!

mr divots in ohio

Mr. Divots Sports Park / Queen / Miniature Golf (North Royalton, OH)

Apparently, this place has been around for a while, and always has been delicious, according to my native-Ohioian husband. Featuring ice cream & frozen yogurt with a side a mini golf, this is by far the most fun while eating ice cream you can have around here. Putt-putt, as some call it, is in the middle of the property with a little ice cream shop and some benches out front. If you drive all the way to the back, there is Mr. Divots Sports Bar, too, which i have heard is also amazing. Alas don’t let the back-end bar scare you off, the soft serve is AMAZING! They have an impressive number of rotating flavors from German chocolate, yellow cake batter, orange creamsicle, pina colada and more! Check their Facebook for the flavors they’ve got in at the moment!

little girl in blue shirt with blue ice cream around her mouth holding up her cone of clue ice cream to the camera

East Coast Custard (Parma Heights, OH)

Although this is custard, I feel it belongs on the list of must-taste ice cream places in Ohio. With a loaded 35 years, they’ve got that old fashion taste and also tout some special blends of flavors. I can personally vouge that the Strawberry Cheesecake Concrete is amazing and one of my favorites to get there. The machines are places close to the front of the small building so you can see the custard being continuously made, fresh and thick. Created by two neighbors all those years ago, they pride themselves in keeping original custard alive. When searching for custard makers, they found that most had been reducing the cream (butterfat) and increasing the amount of air (overrun) into their custard to increase profits. In turn, that made most of what was being sold ice cream or ice milk. They aim to keep the custard of the olden days alive and continuously relive the memories they have of Euclid Beach Park, where they once enjoyed custard as children. Check out their website for locations and flavors!

pinecone ice cream menu in north royalton ohio

Pinecone Ice Cream Shop (North Royalton, OH inside Maria Gardens)

Last but certainly not least, this ice cream shop is a place we consider a hidden gem. Who would have thought a plant store would have such delicious ice cream? Only in Ohio, I swear! The Pinecone has 25 rotating flavors of hand dipped ice cream, and they give you LOTS of ice cream on your cone or in your cup! We love to sit outside on their wooden swings while hanging out as a family while we eat ice cream at The Pinecone. Then, we can always walk over to the plant store and get new plants for the house or pick up spring vegetables for our home garden! They have one flavor of the month and one shake of the month. You can get their address or check out the flavors of the month on their website.