Parks in Northeast Ohio For Family Photos

There are tons of Parks in Northeast Ohio to visit, and the list is abundant. But there are also tons of people, too. I’ve created a list below of the lesser known, less crowded parks for you to take some photographs at!

#1. Bonnie Park Picnic Area, Strongsville, Ohio

Dr. Clyne owned the property. It was his private picnic grounds! He added a boathouse to the mill plus used the pool created by the dam for swimming and boating at his park, known as Bonnie Park. And here’s a cool tidbit of information: Bonnie Park means “The Beautiful Park.”

mom dad and daughter at sunset during a cold, snowy day at bonnie park picnic area in strongsville ohio

#2. Brecksville Train Station

Did you know that with the help of this railroad, plus some other things, Cleveland became the 11th largest U.S. city by 1880? Many people who had moved here for work lived in small, crowded neighborhoods. They soon began to search for somewhere to take a rest from busy life. One of the best options was to rail travel out to the countryside. To find out more about this cool location and its plethora of photo ops, FOLLOW THIS LINK!

Huntington Reserve was bought by the Cleveland Metroparks in 1925 for $500,000 and holds an extensive variety of Ohio wildlife plus three miles of nature trails. These trails go through many different habitats: forest, creek, and meadow.

Now Huntington Reservation is known for the beach. But there is some pretty cool history behind this beach. The Native Americans, bison roaming what was then an Indian path but has now become Lake Road. Yes, bison lived in Ohio at one point….

This spot has a few bundled into one. You’re definitely going to want to read the HISTORY HERE!

This one doesn’t have much history. But did you know that Paw Paw is a fruit that is from the Paw Paw tree (also known as Asimina Triloba)? Me neither!

This location is a shaded and highly educational beauty. Winding trails through the woods surround it along with the river, a huge set of stairs which some goers often see Bald Eagles nesting nearby and lots of education inside the center. You can use the trails, stairs and surrounding beautiful nature of great photo ops. 

mom smiling while son sits on her lap also smiling at rocky river reservation in ohio

I hope you can get out and visit at least one of these beautiful parks in northeast Ohio! Ready for more Cleveland Content? Then don’t skip over the blog links below! But before you go, check out my family photography portfolio and get inspired to start to conversation about your child’s milestone session!

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