How to Support A Breastfeeding Mother: A Poem to Help You Understand

What is so hard about breastfeed?

Said a man once to his wife…

What’s so hard about creating a unique bond with your child?

What’s so hard about your body constantly working to produce?

What’s so hard about keeping up with your supply?

What’s so hard about making sure your child latches correctly?

What’s so hard about your child not latching correctly?

mom smiling at camera while breastfeeding child reaches for her nose

What’s so hard about being a natural comfort for your baby?

What’s so hard about doing what you were made for?

What’s so hard about following your motherly instincts when your child cries?

What’s so hard about comforting your child when they cry for whatever reason?

What’s so hard about being constantly judged In this society by men and women?

What’s so hard about feeding your baby in public?

son breastfeeding while looking at the camera

What is so hard about not following your motherly instincts to pick your child up when they cry to comfort them?

What’s so hard about being a selfless mother?

What’s at hard about trying to find time to eat, work and care for yourself too?

What’s so hard about “just going to the bathroom to feed your baby?”

What is so hard about being shamed not only by society but by your own family members & loved ones?

What is so hard about Mastitis?

What is so hard about giving your baby nutrition that’s made just for them?

mother sitting on rocks holding and looking at breastfeeding baby

What is so hard about being the comfort they need when they wake up and before they go to bed?

What’s so hard about losing the entire person you used to be and learning who you are as the new you; as a mother?

What’s so hard about putting yourself back together again, piece by piece, little by little, every single day since birthing your baby?

What’s so hard about stopping?

What’s so hard about having your baby pull at your shirt and cry?

What is so hard about knowing your baby won’t need you anymore one day?

What is so hard about knowing your baby won’t want to cuddle you one day?

What’s so hard about hearing your child cry?

baby and mom in matching blue dresses snuggled together while baby breastfeeds

What is so hard about knowing how to support a breastfeeding mother?

…what is so hard?



I know this list could go on for days, but you get the point. Breastfeeding is hard, especially when there aren’t many people on your side. It’s something you can’t understand unless you’re a mother. Mother to mother, if you ever need a breastfeeding cheerleader, I’M HERE! I’m here for all of you amazing, worthy, hard working breastfeeding mommas! I understand the struggle and the heartache. But we just have to keep pushing forward no matter where breastfeeding judgement is coming from, whether it be about where or how long.

Keep doing what is best for your baby because no one else matters!


it’s not about you anymore.

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