Newborn Facts for New Parents

baby boy laying down with his finger in his mouth

Yes, a list of fun facts because why not?!

I know you’re probably searching the internet to learn everything you can about your baby (congratulations mama!) but take this break to learn some newborn facts for new parents!

baby clothes hanging over the crib

Newborns are nearsighted.

On average, newborn babies can see up to 10 inches away. That’s about the distance from your baby nursing at the breast to your face. Imagine that!

Newborns have extra bones.

Yup! Babies are born with almost 300 bones. Adults have 206. As baby grows, those extra bones will fuse together.

Newborns don’t have kneecaps.

I tell everyone this and they never believe me, but its true! Babies are born with cartilage that resembles a kneecap, but actual kneecap won’t develop until 6 or 7 months, which is just in time to start crawling, of course!

Newborns don’t have tears.

Of course, there will be tears, but they won’t actually shed tears in the first few months until their tear ducts are fully formed. toddler toes pressed onto the wood

Newborns can’t taste salt.

Until around 4-5 months, salt is a mystery to them.

Newborns know mom.

The outside world can be scary and overwhelming but, while baby is going to take some time to develop, he or she will always recognize mom’s voice and scent immediately after birth.

Babies cry in their mother’s native tongue.

Yes, you read that right. A research team from University of Wurzburg found that babies pick their native tongue in the last three months of pregnancy.

They can breathe and swallow at the same time.

Around 3 months your larynx moves down from your sinus into your throat, which takes away your ability to swallow and breathe at the same time.

Last Newborn Facts for New Parents: Birthmarks.

It’s not rare for a baby to be born with a birthmark, in fact, around 80% of babies are born with a birthmark! This includes port wine stains, stork bites and other birth marks that can sometimes be markers of MTHFR Gene. baby with pink and white socks on with a rose and a birthmark on her leg



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