Nurtured Foundation: Supporting Your Family Through Newborn Care, Doula Services & Sleep Consulting

The Philosophy of Nurtured Foundation

Nurtured Foundation believes that your parenthood journey is a sacred time for your family and should be treated with support. This support is physical and emotional from pregnancy through postpartum and is an important foundation. If you seek professional and non-judgmental support in a nurturing environment, Nurtured Foundation is the best option to assist you in having the best start to your parenthood journey.

Their Mission

The mission of Nurtured Foundation in Cleveland is to provide you with personalized, professional and judgement free family support. You get to decide what’s best for your own family while being supported with unwavering support for all of your decisions. You will be supported with the love an acceptance you and your family deserve.

mother and father touching foreheads and looking at each other while holding the newborn between them


  • Birth doulas
    • Navigating pregnancy and preparing for childbirth challenging and sometimes intimidating. Doulas are here to guide you each step of the way. Through a doulas support, empowerment, education and support through unknowns, Nurtured Foundation Doulas can assist you in getting a positive birth experience.
  • Postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists
    • To assist in the physical, educational and emotional care of the parent and their family in the days, weeks and beyond after a birth or adoption. This will also help with educating families on newborn behaviors and needs. Mornings usually are the most helpful for doula services.
  • Overnight newborn care
    • Also known as a night nanny or baby nurse, an overnight newborn care is focused beyond just your newborn. An overnight care specialists will assist you in getting a good nights rest within minimal wake up time and additionally establish healthy sleep- habits for your new baby. Shifts are usually offered for 8-9 hours per night.
  • In-home postpartum & prenatal massage
  • Sleep consulting
    • Sleep consulting ensures you and your baby establish a healthy routine so you can be your best self. All services are customized to address your unique family. You will get assistance helping your child learn how to sleep independently, which does not mean it has to be cry-it-out.
  • Private breastfeeding classes
  • Back to work preparation, postpartum/newborn consults and postpartum planning
mom and dad holding newborn baby while smiling at the camera

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