Postpartum: What To Expect (Part 3)

I asked a few groups what they wished they had known about after having a baby, and this was the outcome. Postpartum: What to Expect (Part 3)! I hope you feel more informed after reading this!

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**I am not a doctor and am not giving medical advice. If you have questions or think you have any kind of issues, please contact your healthcare provider. This is meant to give you a little more insight on what to possibly expect, but all women are different, and every birth is different. **

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"Education often creates a sense of confidence and empowerment, which reduces the fear, thus lowering the unpleasantness of the sensations you may experience."
-Rebecca Decker

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Buy adult diapers instead of giant pads and huge underwear…

They are WAY more comfortable and easier to wear! Simple as that. I wish I could just wear them every day! I got Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Night sweats can happen…

Night sweats are common in the days and weeks after birth. Normally it’s not a sign of a more serious medical issue but if your sweating persists for longer, you should contact your doctor to make sure you don’t have any sort of infection or other complications. To learn more details about night sweats, you can read all about it HERE!

You may feel angry or irritable…

This could be part of PPD or “postpartum depression.” For most people, when you hear or read that you think of feeling sad or hopeless, but depression can also include

  • Irritability
  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Sometimes rage

Anger can come out as:

  • Yelling
  • Fighting
  • Isolating yourself
  • Hostile feelings
  • Arguing
  • Dissatisfaction.

Anger is a troubling symptom of PPD because it’s scary, and usually uncharacteristic. If anger is your main symptom without insomnia, confusion, continual sadness, change in appetite, or feelings of hopelessness, you may be suffering from what’s called postpartum stress syndrome, not clinical depression. Postpartum stress syndrome is an acute state of feeling extremely overwhelmed. But not to worry! It’s treatable through therapy. If you’re feeling any of this, please talk to your doctor so they can guide you in the right direction and you can get help. Don’t feel sad or ashamed about reaching for help. Be proud that you’re brave enough to do so!

Stool softeners are great, so it isn’t so hard to poop…

I told you this would be real and raw. If someone hasn’t already told you, I will. Below are a few tips to help you through this.



  • Take stool softener (NOT a laxative – there IS a difference!)
  • HYDRATE!!!
  • Eat fibrous foods like prunes and fiber cereal
  • Concentrate on your breathing
  • Wipe gingerly
  • It’s smart to write down when you went. It doesn’t need any details, just that you did.

Here is a list of fibrous foods for you to skim through: fibrous foods list!

Be easy on yourself, you’re allowed to be a mess and binge watch TV at 3am…

Personally, I didn’t feel like my normal self until my daughter was 18 months old. She’s 25 months old as I write this, and I feel 90% myself again. It’s a new normal, and that’s okay. It’s just part of motherhood. It’s okay to not feel yourself for a while, it’s okay to binge watch a TV show at 3:00 AM and it’s okay to look amess for a while. As long as your baby is taken care of, what else matters?!

mother holding newborn as baby looks at camera

Chiropractors are a blessing to your body and your little baby.

Go! Totally go. Personally, my back was killing me since birth and going to the chiropractor has helped immensely.

It’s not normal for your baby to cry all the time; call your pediatrician…

I’m no doctor and I cannot give medical advice, but it could be an array of things that may be the problem. Some mothers said it was a bad latch and they needed an IBCLC, for some it was cutting out dairy and others it was a change in formula that was needed. Whatever it may be, it’s usually not normal for a baby to continuously cry. Please take your precious, sweet baby to a pediatrician as soon as you can!

Last but not least in Postpartum: What To Expect: Hemorrhoids

Yeah, they can happen. If you’re unsure what these are, they are swollen veins in your anus, usually occurring from the pushing and pressure of birth and/or pregnancy. These can cause bleeding when you wipe, itchiness and skin to stick out. Don’t be embarrassed, these are common for both men and women. To be prepared you can buy tucks pads, preparation h as wipes or ointment and/or dermoplast spray.

I hope you enjoyed Postpartum: What to Expect and can walk away feeling more educated.

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