Raw Motherhood Quotes in A Poem

Have you been searching for raw motherhood quotes? While this may not be a full quote, it’s definitely something you can relate to as a mother also. I hope you like it!

mother holding her baby and staring into the camera seriously

I spent the day mostly crying and wishing to be alone.

Why? Because I never am. To think about all the moments I had before kids to get laundry done or cook dinner or simply take a walk just for my health is frankly heartbreaking knowing I didn’t do a damn thing to enjoy those moments. And now I don’t have them. I have an hour and a half, if that, on one day each weekend. And if either kids are sick, I stay home and make sure they’re okay instead.

This is fucking motherhood.

You can’t sleep alone.

It feels like you can never breathe alone.

You can’t eat alone

Forget trying to bathe alone

You can’t walk alone.

Never will go to the bathroom alone.

You can’t think alone.

Yet I am thankful for every second of Motherhood


Self-care and alone time are severely underrated women and men though.

No one but the mom can understand just got much one hour of self-care or alone time can influence a whole week of mothering. Make sure you take care of yourself, too.

little boy on a white and green blanket staring up through a bush of cranberries

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