St. Patrick’s Day Photo Idea: Milk Bath DIY

little boy in st patrick's day attire staring up at camera while sitting in green water

This is the final outcome of my own in home DIY St. Patrick’s Day Photo Idea for a milk bath in the sink of my kitchen.

I saw an ides similar to this and knew I HAD TO do it. A St. Patrick’s Day Photo Idea for a milk bath in the sink!

Basically, this can be done in any home, I only used one small window for light. My sink isn’t special. And honestly it was probably a touch too small, but it was snowing outside (yes, it’s March 12th today and it was SNOWING – don’t get me started). I don’t have a fancy kitchen or a studio. I worked with what I had but they came out adorable! I might be a little bias, of course. It was so easy and cute, I put the DIY directions below for all you mommas to try out!

So, anyway! Here’s your how-to:

What you’ll need:

•powdered milk (can use regular milk or any other milk but I had powdered on hand)

•2 Sugar free lime Jell-O packets


•Fake coins

•St. Patrick’s Day mini hat (or bow)

•Foam shamrocks

•Rainbow marshmallows (or dehydrated marshmallows or Lucky Charms Cereal)

•You can use a sink, tub or bucket

*You can find everything you need here on amazon: TAKE ME NOW!

Steps for the St. Patrick’s Day Photo Idea:

1. Clean your liquid holder of choice really well (since I used my sink and was putting my baby in it, I used natural cleaner and cleaned all the sides, the edges, the sink plug and the sink drain just to make sure nothing yucky was on anything and so it all looked extra clean)

2. Fill your liquid holder a little more than halfway total

Pro Tip: Contrarily, I filled it with a little water first and made sure my sink plug worked. Then, I added some powdered milk and just a little of the Jell-O to make sure it would look the way I wanted. Once it was how I wanted and I knew it wouldn’t leak, I continued to fill the rest.

3. Add milk in until the white is how you’d like it

4. Put Jell-O packet in

5. Mix it all together until it’s your preferred shade of green

6. Place the baby in & take the photos!

Pro Tip: If using liquid milk I would do a little milk, then add the water. Try to keep the water warm. However, you can always add more milk in to top it off & make it whiter.

little boy sitting in green tub with green hat on

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