Shaker Women’s Wellness

Pregnancy is absolutely amazing! It’s also really hard on your body. That’s where Shaker Women’s Wellness comes in! Located at 24300 Chagrin Blvd in Suite 103 in the town of Beachwood, Ohio, they can assist with lower back pain relief, neck pain and other pregnancy related discomfort. Their core value is to help you feel better while also creating comfort and being affordable. Their unique technique is through gentle chiropractic adjustments that are effective ever provide long lasting record.  

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Low Back & Neck Pain


Pregnancy-related pain

Pelvic Floor Weakness

Disc Bulges


Nursing Difficulties in Infants

Herniated Discs

Knee/Hip Pain 


Pubic Bone Pain (symphysis pubis dysfunction)

Pregnancy and Postpartum Chiropractic

What’s a chiropractor?

A chiropractor uses complimentary medicine based on the diagnosis and treats misaligned joints with their hands along with specialized equipment to gently add motion into a restricted area, assisting in the relief of nerve pressure, fixing posture, helping bone alignment, and restoring normal function of your body.

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How they can help you be more comfortable during pregnancy through chiropractic care:

Shaker Women’s Wellness quickly restores your body and your health and has the track record to show it. They can reduce pain during your pregnancy, women may have easier deliveries and babies may latch more easily during breastfeeding.


Chiropractic care is necessary for an expecting mother. And it just happens to be Dr. Angela specialty! She’s the expert in treating mothers throughout all the stages of pregnancy. Due to years in the field and honing in on her work, Dr. Angela is hyper aware of the changing biomechanics in the pregnant body. She uses specific techniques to ensure safety while also offering comfort and effectiveness. Another skill she is a professional at is correcting pelvis imbalance which can prevent breech babies. In addition, Dr. Angela can perform soft tissue work like massages which can relieve joints and reduce aches and pains.

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