Why Westshore Midwifery is Perfect for Your Pregnancy Journey!

Have you found out you’re expecting and in the market for a fantastic midwife team to make this journey beautiful? Look no further than Westshore Midwifery. They have a collection of truly extraordinary and beautiful ladies that love helping expecting mothers like you navigate this new adventure.

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About Westshore Midwifery

Founded in 1980, Westshore Midwifery Associates provides compassionate and phenomenal care for
many expecting families. Westshore Midwifery staffs only knowledgeable and experienced certified
nurse midwives. All of whom are educated in nursing and nursing Midwifery, allowing them to be there
for every aspect of female reproductive health. Above all, their midwives see pregnancy as a standard and empowering process, not just a condition to be treated. They are dedicated to assisting women during labor and delivery while providing prevention and education resources so families can make informed choices. They want each mother and family to participate in the decisions and encourage them to create their desired birth plan. This helps open communication with the Nursing staff and the Midwife assisting their birth and helps expecting mothers feel more confident during their unique and life-changing journey. Additionally, they work diligently as a team to provide seamless service to every family in their care.

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The Midwives at Westshore Midwifery practice their midwifery as a group, allowing every patient access
to Midwifery Care 24/7. But what services do they cover?

Gynecological Care/ Primary Care
● Pap Tests/HPV Screening
● Colposcopy
● Premenopausal/Menopausal
● Breast exams
● Urinary Tract Infections
● Gynecologic Infections
● Menstrual Cycle Evaluation/Issues
● Sore Throats
● Upper Respiratory Infection

Family Planning/Contraceptive Management
● Non Hormonal Methods
● Natural Family Planning
● Lactation Amenorrhea Method
● Spermicide
● Diaphragm
● Sponge

● Cervical Cap
● Condoms
● IUD, Paragard

Hormonal Methods
● Oral Contraceptives, Birth Control Pills
● Patch, Ortho Evra
● Vaginal Ring, Nuva Ring
● Injection, Depo Provera Shot
● IUD, Mirena
● Nexplanon

Obstetrical Care
● Prenatal Care or Care during Pregnancy
● Limited Ultrasounds
● Ultrasound Scheduling
● Labor & Birth
● VBAC (Vaginal delivery after cesarean)
● First Assisting on Cesarean Sections
● Care after delivery/ Postpartum Care


Westshore Midwifery midwives like Ilana Kresch, who joined in 2020, specialize in supporting and
assisting every aspect of women’s health, from planning a family to prenatal care and the beautiful
birthing journey it brings to also providing lifespan care. The opportunity to not only help a family plan
for a baby but then help that mother get that life into the world and then have the ability to watch them grow fills midwives like her with joy. Their team of midwives is composed of women dedicated and passionate to providing personalized care for each new family.

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Westshore Midwifery

Having a baby is a beautiful and unforgettable experience. So, it should be a positive one you look back on with a smile and no regrets. The team at Westshore Midwifery works with your wishes and your plan in order to help make your birthing experience an empowering and positive one. You can find more
information and contact their midwifery coordinator on their website.

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