Ohio Lactation Consultant Association: Supporting & Promoting Breastfeeding!

OLCA, short for Ohio Lactation Consultant Association, is committed to the directives included in the World Health Organization aka WHO, International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes, The Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding, and the ILCA Position Paper on Infant Feeding.

Who is in the Ohio Lactation Consultant Association?

OLCA members are located all over Ohio. Members do not have to be a certified Lactation Consultant to become a member. All members hold a wish to support and promote breastfeeding in the beautiful state of Ohio. Among these members are medical field professionals, dietitians, LLL and others. Some of these members serve as links for talks about breastfeeding across Ohio.

mother sitting on the grass in a field of yellow flowers breastfeeding her daughter while looking down and smiling at her

Membership benefits:

  • Discounts on the Annual “Breastfest” Conference.
  • Up to 8 FREE CERPS offered at Member Meetings.
  • If you’re an IBCLC, you can be added to OLCA’s “Find an IBCLC” section of website.
  • You will be able to apply for grants and scholarships.
  • Emails regarding state activities, conferences, job opportunities, OLCA Meeting Notices.
  • Networking around the state.
  • Opportunity to become an OLCA officer or committee member, which also comes with additional service benefits.

What does a membership mean?

  • As a member, you will represent the lactation profession alongside other state associations and agencies. These agencies include Ohio Department of Health, Ohio Hospital Association, WIC, and Ohio Breastfeeding Alliance.
  • You will be able to advocate to push the lactation profession forward. This allows you to work with Ohio state policy makers in the General Assembly and the Ohio Department of Medicaid
  • Assist in improving equitable awareness of, access to and adequate insurance reimbursement for lactation professional care.
mother sitting in the grass in a while dress while looking down at her breastfeeding daughter while the daughter stares at the camera


Recommendations regarding breastfeeding are not only established but supported by research. This research shows longer duration of breastfeeding minimizes infant mortality and boosts infant and maternal health throughout mother and child’s lives. Although organizations like the CDC, AAP, ACOG and others have comprehensive breastfeeding information, unfortunately most healthcare professionals’ degree programs lack breastfeeding education. This is one reason why breastfeeding specialists are invaluable. Breastfeeding specialists can provide mothers with the best advice and care when it comes to breastfeeding. The goal of this advocacy page is to improve awareness of lactation care and its team members, raise awareness for lactation care insurance and coverage rights. It will also teach you how to engage with policy makers to assist in improving equitable lactation care and paid leave standards.​


Equitable representation across health care professions is one piece of the societal solutions Ohio needs to reduce disparities when it comes to breastfeeding. OLCA strives to improve access to the lactation consultant profession through advocacy work across the state. Through OLCA, organizations within Ohio are directly supported by working every day to serve communities that are most impacted by negative health outcomes.​

mother breatfeeding her daughter in a field of yellow flowers in ohio

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