Strongsville Cooperative Preschool: Developing Your Whole Child

If you’re searching for an inclusive, understanding, supporting and overall amazing preschool experience for not only your three- and four-year-old, but for yourself as a parent, look no further. Strongsville Cooperative Preschool is the perfect place for your child.

mother and father sitting in the grass and tickling their daughter

Welcome to the Strongsville Cooperative Preschool

Strongsville Cooperative Preschool is an outstanding preschool program where parents can provide assistance outside and inside of the classroom. Thier motto is: Together we work, together we play, together we grow.

dad twirling mom while she holds their daughter and they all laugh

Strongsville Cooperative Preschool Program

The Co-Op focuses on growth of the entire child, not just the mind. Some things your child will learn in the threes and fours classroom:

  • To take directions from other adults
  • Practicing sharing
  • Making friends
  • Learn independance
  • Routine of a classroom
  • Fine and gross motor skill development
  • How to care for themselves
  • And so much more!

This classroom is where they will learn the structure and routine of a classroom and where their academic journey begins. All the children are always encouraged to be comfortable, get creative, and become confident thinkers. The idea is that through play the “whole child” develops. While the goal is being ready for kindergarten by the end of your experience with Strongsville Cooprative Preschool, there is also the belief that preschool should be fun!

dad holding and tickling his daughter outside on a nice ohio day

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